Fiber Optic Services & Construction 


Fiber optic Network design & construction 

Nebcon Inc. provides a full range of fiber optic network design and construction services. With over 20 years in the fiber construction business we have proven expertise in route design, capacity planning, permitting and project management. We provide the full compliment of fiber placement services: horizontal directional drilling, plowing, aerial line construction, direct bury or conduit placement, fiber cable pulling, micro-duct and micro-fiber and state-of-the-art fusion splicing. We are experts in metro fiber deployments, long haul network construction, Fiber-To-The-Home and industrial plant fiber networks.  Nebcon, Inc. is a pioneer in the design, installation and maintenance of all sizes and types of fiber optic networks. We are proud of having the highest level of performance and reliability in our field.  Let Nebcon Inc. show you why we will be your first choice in all your fiber optic network needs!


Fiber Optic Splicing, Testing & Troubleshooting

Nebcon's experienced fiber technicians provide complete fiber optic splicing solutions. We maintain state-of-the-art fusion machines in order to ensure the highest quality and lowest loss fiber splicing capable in the industry. Our technicians are highly skilled in all aspects of fusion splicing, terminations, mechanical splices, connectorization and polishing. We provide uni-directional or bi-directional OTDR testing services, light source and power meter optical loss testing and fiber characterization. We have over 2o years of experience in mission critical "hot cutovers" and are experts at troubleshooting optical networks in the most critical of circumstances.  


Emergency Response & Restoration

Nebcon Inc. provides 24x7 emergency response and fiber restoration services. We are responsible for emergency response for numerous mission critical fiber optic networks in the Midwest  such as 911 Communications, City, County and State Government networks, University and College Campus networks, Industrial Plant networks and Incumbent and Competitive Local Exchange networks.  Our fiber technicians are experts in utilizing state-of-the-art fiber test equipment, OTDRS, and fault locators. Nebcon provides a full range of emergency underground or aerial cable replacement, hit kits, and splicing capabilities.