Geothermal Services

As the cost of oil and natural gas continues to rise, many homeowners in the Greater Omaha and Siouxland Regions area are coming to find that it's getting more and more expensive to keep their homes comfortable.  If your looking for an efficient means of heating and cooling your home, it's time to consider GEOTHERMAL heating and cooling.  Nebcon, Inc. works with many HVAC contractors to efficiently install a loop system in your home that saves you money, up to 70% more than conventional heating and cooling systems, and makes your home more comfortable. Our geothermal technicians are highly trained and fully licensed to provide professional installation and maintenance services to suit all your geothermal heating and cooling needs.  


Super efficient-cost effective alternative

Geothermal works by harnessing the Earth's natural energy contained in the ground.  This energy is extracted using a ground loop installed in your yard or even under your driveway.  Once inside, the air is compressed to what ever temperature you desire in a safe, quiet and efficient way to heat and cool your home or business. With no more natural gas or propane bills each month, you begin your road to savings on day one!

expert installation services 

At Nebcon, Inc., we offer several options for your loop system.  We can do horizontal and vertical loop placements, which allow for installations in virtually every type of yard or lot situation.  Our dedicated team of loop professionals get hours of training each year to verse themselves in the latest drilling and placement technologies on the market.  Their vast knowledge of the entire process will leave you without any questions regarding your install.  Their ability to work with most HVAC contractors provides a smooth project completion.




Nebcon Inc. is equipped for all types of geothermal loop field installation services. Whether your application is residential or commercial no job is too big or too small for professional team of installation an maintenance professionals. We provide full service loop field installations on new construction, existing homes and businesses and loop field service and maintenance for all types of installations.